About Us

About Us

Power of Sisters Inc. is a family owned business of sisters who enjoy being with each other, and creating Friendly web sites with quality products for our family of customers.

Tammy Chase-Toussaint, Tammy is in her 50’s and embarking on a new career. She brings Creativity, a buyer’s perspective, and her desire for inexpensive quality products to our business. She graduated from Nichols College with a Bachelors in business.

Penny J. Sawa, Penny is in her 50’s and married with three children. She brings her computer savvy, determination, and past experience in business ownership to our group. Penny lost her hair while having chemo treatments and recieved a bueatiful hat from the cancer ward.  She now makes hats for this very needed reason and for every hat she sells she makes and donates another.

Tracy A. Duff, Tracy also in her 50’s, is married with two children. She brings her drive, determination, and Logical thought process to the team. She graduated from Nichols College with a bachelors in business.

Stacy E. Paradise, Stacy is in her 40’s, married with two children. She is legally blind and looking to build a career that works with her disability. She brings her experience of being a stay home mom, and her ability to use her other 4 senses to determine the potency of the scents and feel of our products. She has recently had a leg amputed and found the need for Stump warmers and created a new line of products.  She is pleased that for every one we sell we donate a matching one to the Veterans.

Linda M. Lambert, Linda is in her 50's, is married with two children and one granddaughter.  She brings fresh ideas and product knowledge to our team.

Second Generation

Mattie Vandenboom, Mattie is a close family friend that we have watched grow up to be a successful Ornithologist.  She is in her 20's and enjoys being a part of the Power of Sisters Inc.  She brings her youth and ability to travel around to different jobs.  She is friendly and knowledgable. She has graduated from Umass Amherst with her Bachelors.

Linsey M. Duff, Linsey is the daughter of Tracy and in her 20's. Linsey is excited to be a part of Power of Sisters Inc. She brings the freshness of youth, The desires of a young woman, and her experience with the John Robert Powers modeling agency to the company. She has graduated with her associates degree from QCC and has attended classes at Umass Amherst.

Charlette J. Sawa, Charlette is the daughter of Penny and is in her 20's. She is thrilled to be a part of Power of Sisters Inc. She brings her joy of computer design, she has been awarded the Melvin Jones award for her community service.  She has graduated with her Associates degree from Johnson and Wales.

Catelyn A. Paradise, Catelyn is the daughter of Stacy and is very young. We all look forward to seeing what she will bring to the business. Catelyn has started her own line of products, the very fashionable band bracelets. She likes to make them all pink for breast cancer awareness.

The Men:

Donald Maricola, Don is the faux husband of Tammy, he has just learned how to loom and is very creative.  He has created many new products, such as the hanging planter, the cat toilet paper cover, and is very into the Paracord products.

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